What Matters?

Speaking Matters

Speaking Matters is a lecture agency that represents some of today's most captivating speakers—experts whose presentations encourage thoughtful introspection and spark personal and societal change. A marvelous speaker can inspire, invigorate, ignite—and even instigate a trip down a road you hadn't even considered.

Explore the work of academics, activists, and agents of change. Listen to a moving account of the resilience of the human spirit. Examine the challenges of the world today. Global corporations, trade associations, colleges/universities, special-event organizers, local companies, community nonprofits, and faith-based organizations. We work closely with hosts and guest sponsors to help ensure that their lectures, seminars, workshops and special events matter.

Giving Voice Matters

C.J. Lonoff launched her agency in 2004 to promote access to speakers who have a distinctive take on our life and times, whose speaking matters. While we are hardwired to tell and listen to stories, not everyone has a platform for telling theirs. Speaking Matters broadened the reach of those whose voices deserve and need to be heard more widely.

Giving Back Matters

While Speaking Matters' primary role is representing our coterie of speakers, we are constantly looking for new platforms from which to give back. We sponsor Grow Through It, a website that highlights personal stories of resilience—of growing through difficulty and bouncing back from adversity. We also launched Educating Girls Matters, a web-based resource about the challenges of educating girls around the world. We are currently developing a project highlighting the life-changing nature of kindness through words and deeds.