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  • The Last Great Ape: One Man's Mission for Conservation and Wildlife Law Enforcement in Africa

Ofir Drori is the founder of The Last Great Ape Organization (LAGA), an NGO devoted to conservation and wildlife law enforcement in Cameroon and other African countries. Before Drori arrived in Cameroon in 2002, there was absolutely no enforcement of anti-poaching or wildlife laws. Then, in 2003, LAGA began staging raids and challenging the stifling culture of corruption.

The Last Great Ape Organization is responsible for the first wildlife-protection arrest in all of Central and West Africa, turning the tide and setting the standard for wildlife protection. Corruption and violence are so rampant that the protection of Africa's incredible wildlife falls by the wayside in so many countries, or is exploited for profit, sometimes by the very same government officials who were charged with protecting it.

Drori is one man who is willing to stand up against the bribes, threats, poverty, corruption, and chaos that threaten the existence of apes and other remarkable animals, as well as thousands of innocent people who also fall victim to the same corruption and violence. His African journeys have taken him from the Maasai and Achipawa people in Kenya and Ethiopia to Lake Turkana, where humanity first began, to the amputee camps of Sierra Leone and the vast Savannah, where intense beauty and strife exist side by side. Yet without people like Drori crossing the line from adventurer to activist, the strife has the potential to overpower cultures and ecosystems that have existed for thousands of years.

Drori's memoir The Last Great Ape chronicles his journey to Africa and his development as an indefatigable and courageous activist.

2011 — Future For Nature Award for impact on conservation and innovation in integrating the fight against corruption in conservation

2008 — Golden Heart Award for activism

2007 — Interpol Award for LAGA Cameroon investigation

2007 — Clark Bavin Award Award for outstanding achievements in law enforcement

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